About the project

People already enjoy their life in the houses built during the 1st stage of Koriai construction. Here live modern and dynamic people who build up a new Šnipiškės Community. The 2nd stage of the project has been recently started. It is planned to complete the works by September 2017.

The 2nd stage of Koriai is small but practical and modern apartments with spacious balconies. It is a great location which can become not only your new home but also a great business investment.

You will spend long evenings while observing the panorama of Vilnius centre which will never be blocked by other buildings. Forget about hurrying and traffic jams in the mornings because all strategical objects are easily accessed on foot or by bicycle. All these benefits will be appreciated already on the first day of living here.

Why is Koriai your best choice?

Convenient location in the city

Koriai is a new city centre where cafes, offices, and big shopping centres are easily accessed on foot. This place is already welcomed by the people who wish a fast and inexpensive communication.

Excellent investment

Think of purchasing an apartment in Koriai, even if you are not going to live here. Small and convenient apartments near the city centre will attract both renting of a real estate and sale of it.

Great view through the windows

Whichever side you will choose, the view through the windows will please anyone.

Spacious balconies

All Koriai apartments have balconies or spacious terraces.

Security and convenience

Koriai territory will be protected 24/7. A modern security system will monitor your homes on your telephone, computer or another smart device even when you are on holidays.

Playground for children

Children are our greatest wealth. In the inner yard, there will be a spacious and modern playground for children where the children with special needs will be able to play as well.

Sports and leisure

Do sports without leaving home: use modern fitness equipment for the whole family in the inner yard of Koriai houses.

Koriai garden

This is European-type green park in Koriai city with the elements of Japanese garden. Enjoy a modern and green environment all year round.

Modern and exceptional building

Technical Koriai solutions will not only make you enjoy the view through the windows but also admire the beauty of a building exterior. Decoration materials used for Koriai houses are of the best quality and stylish.

Description of partial finish


Pile foundation with monolithic ferroconcrete heads.


Supporting structures are monolithic ferroconcrete pillars (300mm×500mm) and a monolithic ferroconcrete lap overlay (210mm to 230mm). Non-supporting structures are a stonework masonry of outer walls which will be made of Haus blocks with the thickness of 200mm as provided in the project.


Insulation will be made of a 200mm thickness polystyrene foam. A facade finishing will be made of painted plaster with ventilated inserts. Energy efficiency class B.


It is aligned (flat) and insulated according to the requirements of Construction regulatory enactments. Roof covering is a two-layer roll with an inner rainwater run-off system.

Windows and sills

Apartment windows are equipped with plastic frames and 2-chamber double glazing (3 glasses and 5 chambers). Inner glass is selective. At least one window in a room may be opened. Inner window sills are not fitted. Commercial facilities have French windows with special sunlight reflectors.

Inner walls are installed between the apartments, as well as between the apartments and staircases

The walls are made of 250mm thick Haus blocks or a three-layer wall (100mm block, 100mm mineral wool, 100mm block). The walls are rendered from both sides up to 20mm in thickness.


The height of the apartment from the floor levelling layer up to the overlay ceiling is at least 2.60m (plaster-cardboard suspended ceiling is not installed).


Metal enclosures have been fitted in the front of balconies. Floor covering is made of wooden terrace floors.


Apartment entrance door is an armour-type multi-layered door with a sound insulation filling and one lock, as well as a peephole and an apartment plate. Apartment interior doors and doorframes are not installed.

Room partitions

Room interior partitions in an apartment are designed as follow: 75mm carcass with acoustic insulation covered with 2-layered gypsum – cardboard panels on each side. Seams are not sealed and the surface is not daubed. The total thickness of a partition is at least 120mm. Walls of sanitary nodes are made of lightweight masonry (rendered, not daubed) or of moisture-resistant gypsum – cardboard panels (unsealed seams, surface not daubed).

Central heating

Central collector heating system connected to the municipal heating networks will be distributed to the apartments in the staircase. A heating manifold box with meters for each apartment is installed in the staircase. White steel radiators with temperature controllers are fitted. A coil pipe is neither designed nor installed.


Domestic sewage networks are installed from PVC pipes led to a connection site of future sanitary devices provided in the project. Domestic sewage piping of a building is connected to municipal sewage networks. Rainwater is led to municipal sewage networks. The Buyer leads sewage piping and connects it to the devices himself.

Water supply

It is connected to the city backbone network. Hot and cold water stands are made of plastic. Apartments have inlets. Branches to sanitary devices are fitted in manifold boxes. There is a designed branched system with no water collector. Sanitary devices are not installed. Cold and hot water meters for apartments are fitted in manifold cabinets located in the staircases.


A surface mounted power distribution panel with mounted automatic switches is installed inside the apartment. Introductory power is 8 kW. Mounting boxes for switches and sockets are not installed. The apartment is not wired with a cable. AB ESO mounts an electricity meter and connects it to the electrical voltage after the owner of an apartment makes a subscription agreement on the electricity supply. Transformers for halogen lighting, lamps, switches, sockets and other electrical appliances are not fitted in the apartments. Electrical installation can be made according to the Buyer’s project, if the project modification and change of a price are agreed at a time specified in the contract.

Low current

Each staircase floor of a block of flats has a built-on switching box of low current networks. Low current networks are not wired into apartments – a communication supplier leads specific networks to the apartment with the help of a communication sewerage led from the staircase to a communication panel in the apartment.


Apartments are equipped with natural ventilation. Air exhaust ventilation channels are installed from the sanitary node and the kitchen. A separate ventilation channel is installed to connect an extractor hood. Horizontal tin air ducts are not veneered, ventilation grills and ventilators are not installed. A natural air circulation in the apartment is provided through the windows.


The whole area of an apartment is fitted with a floor levelling cement compound. Sanitary nodes are not fitted with the floor. Waterproofing is not installed in sanitary nodes and in the remaining area of an apartment.


The walls are both rendered and painted (or rendered with a decorative plaster). The ceiling is mounted from Armstrong acoustical ceiling panels. LED luminaires are triggered with a motion detector signal. Lift lounges have floor coverings and plinth made of stone mass piles. Handrails in the staircase are made of metal and painted. A lift is finished with stainless steel. Entrance door to a building has an electromagnetic door bolt. From the outside, a key-locked door has inflexible handle. It has a door suction mechanism.