About the project


Houses of the first stage of “Koriai” development project already pulse with life. People who settled here create a new young, modern and dynamic image of Šnipiškės district. Today you have an opportunity to become a part of this new community as the second part of the project has just been completed
“Koriai” apartments and guest houses* are a smart choice. Those are compact and modern with spacious balconies or terraces. A great place that can not only become your new home, but also an excellent investment.

Beautiful views of the city center at nights, and morning hours, freed from the hustle and traffic jams, because any important place can be easily reached on foot or by bicycle – the joys of life you will appreciate from the very first day of living in “Koriai”.

You can live in Šnipiškės, which is called the new center of the city, at the intersection of Giedraičių and Daugėliškių streets. What is the good of it? How about saving time on commuting and devoting it to yourself. The central location of “Koriai” makes it possible..

* Guest houses are non-residential premises that fully comply with the requirements for apartments. You can find detailed information about the guest apartment “Koriai” here.

about project

Why Koriai can be your best choice?

You will have an access to the terrace on the roof, accessible only to residents of the house, from where you can enjoy views of the city and spend cozy nights with friends.
In the courtyard there are several recreation areas with planted sakura trees and an ecological garden with apple trees and currant bushes.
Apartments have their own spacious (4 – 12 m²) balconies with wooden terrace flooring – lovely places to spend some time.
For the little inhabitants of the house there is a safe playground, where they will be able to communicate and play, developing creative and social skills.
Because only low-rise development is allowed in the surroundings you are warranted to have plenty of light and a beautiful view of Vilnius panorama.
The house is equipped with modern security cameras with 24h video surveillance. Tenants of the house can access cameras and recordings at any time from a mobile phone.
You can do sports without leaving your home: there are exercise equipment for the whole family in the courtyard.
Šnipiškės is a growing and promising area with high expectation for real estate price rise and liquidity assurance.

House finishing

The foundation

Pile monolithic reinforced concrete.

The roof

The roof is insulated (insulation layer from 26 to 40 cm) and waterproof with a combined roll-bituminous double layer coating .

Exterior walls

25cm haydite concrete blocks, 200mm Neopore insulation. The facade is decorated with plaster, ceramic tiles and clinker.

Ceilings and beams

Monolithic reinforced concrete beams. Ceilings are not plastered or painted.

Apartment partition walls

250-270 mm thick walls made of haydite concrete blocks, covered with plaster.

Partitions in rooms and bathrooms

Bathrooms have 100mm thick walls made of unplastered haydite blocks. Rooms partitions double layers drywalls, filled with a layer of rockwool (Partitions are installed according to the project).

Windows and window sills

Plastic triple glazed windows and tin exterior sills. Internal window sills are not installed. Thermal conductivity coefficient of the windows do not exceed 1.1 W / (m × K). Commercial premises have shop windows.

Doors and gates

Doors and gates are of increased security with 2 locks and an internal shutter (ASSA + Monttura), smoke-proof, with closers. Sound insulation comply with Rw-35dB class requirements. Exterior doors finishing all the way to the ceiling. Internal doors are not installed.


Cement floors with a soundproofing layer. Bathrooms floors without waterproofing and cement coating.

Utilities, networks

Water supply, sewerage and heating – centralized district.Internet and telecommunications networks.


Two-pipe collector heating system. Each floor level has a distribution manifold with heat metering and balancing valves which allow even heat distribution to apartments and guest houses throughout the building. In the apartments and guest suites there are heat collectors with automatic flow adjustment for every floor heating circuit. In individual rooms there is an option to install (radio-controlled) thermostats for temperature control.In bathrooms floor heating is not installed. There is a possibility to equip an electric towel dryer and electric floor heating mats in every bathroom.

Water supply, sewage

Water supply is connected to the city mains. Cold and hot water consumption meters for residential and household needs are installed on the stairwells. In the bathrooms and in the kitchens cold, hot water and sewage systems are brought to the outlet points according to the project. Plumbing is not installed. The system of rainwater removal is equipped according to the project.

Water Supply

Connected to the city trunk network. Cold and hot water risers are plastic. The premises are equipped with outlets. Bathrooms branch lines are equipped in collector boxes – a distribution system without a plumbing collector has been designed. Plumbing is not installed. Apartment consumption meters for cold and hot water are installed on the staircases in the collector boxes.


A natural flow of air through windows with forced exhaust in kitchens and bathrooms using individual household fans. The kitchens are equipped with separate ventilation ducts for extracts connection . Hoods and fans are not installed.


Separate metering systems with electrical panels for common areas and apartments are installed. Sockets, switches, transformers for halogen lighting and other electrical appliances are not installed. Power – 10 kW, for commercial premises – 15 kW.

Low-current systems

PVC pipelines for low-current networks cabling are installed at the entrances from the basements to the roof. Networks include television, telephone, intercom, Internet, alarm systems and others. Intercom door opener is installed. Also fire alarm system with autonomous fire sensors is installed. In commercial premises a security alarm system is provided. A junction box with Internet connection was installed (Telia networks were installed in the house). Cables from the junction box to the connection point are not installed.


3 passenger elevators, one at each entrance. The elevators finished with Ebony Oak L205, the flooring and baseboard are stoneware tiles. Cabins are equipped with stainless steel handrails and a mirror to the full height of the rear wall.


Underground, fully equipped with markup (scheduled for stage III).
Utility rooms (warehouses) – Walls and ceilings unpainted. Floor without finishing. Steel doors.

Utility rooms (warehouses)

Walls and ceilings unpainted. Floor without finishing. Steel doors.

Balconies, terrace

Wooden terraces and / or stone tiles. Balcony fences made of glass and / or metal structures. Balconies on the upper floors are equipped with glass awnings.

Finishing of common areas

The common areas (entrances, corridors, etc.) are fully finished: painted walls, stoneware tiles on the floor, Armstrong suspended ceilings, LED lamps with motion sensors. Metal railing on the stairs. The doors to the entrances are aluminum frames with tempered glass windows. Doors with electromagnetic shutters and closers, with a fixed handle on the outside. The entrances to the commercial premises with locks, the doors with closers.

Territory amenities

In the courtyard of the building there is a lawn with stone paved paths, lighting and a playground.