Apartment equipment

Are you planning to purchase an apartment but do not know what to start with?
Are you searching for someone to equip your dream home?
Would you like to take a loan and use it for your home equipping as well?
Leave it to us because we would like to offer you even three home decorating styles created by interior designers.

How does it work?

Please select one of the interior decorating styles which you like best – Oslo, Leila or Almond – and our team will quickly and qualitatively decorate your home.

Oslo is an economic Scandinavian-type interior decoration variant for both young and older people. An apartment decorated in this way will always be convenient for living and attractive for renting.

Leila is an optimal option for the people who are looking for the quality and love classics. Prices of the materials will be affordable and their quality will not be lower than those offered by luxury product producers.

Almond is a luxurious and high-quality interior design option. Only highest quality materials are used for this option following an individual designer-architect’s advice and supervision of works. Trust us – your apartment will look outstanding. Highest quality materials and modern solutions will make you and your family happy every day.

Nova is an economical option for the people who are planning to decorate their apartment themselves. We will kindly provide you with all the materials and tools necessary for the apartment decoration.

For more information, please contact us. We will discuss your needs and find the best solution.