Buy a flat and get free cleaning for a year

What can be nicer than getting home from work to your new and beautiful apartment? Perhaps, coming home from work to your new apartment and discovering it clean and neat!

However important cleanliness may be, it is difficult to keep it when all we want once we get home is to rest and spend time with our loved ones. We have found a solution for the dilemma with the help of our friends “Mano aplinka”: while you work, their professionals will clean your home twice a month for an entire year – this is a gift we will grant all new inhabitants of KORIAI right now.

The terms are very simple: purchase an apartment at KORIAI and receive a year’s subscription to apartment cleaning with “Mano aplinka”. The professional cleaners will arrive at your home twice every month during working hours, and all you have to do is come home after work and enjoy it. If you are out during cleaning, we will ask you to give the “Mano aplinka” employee a key. If you will be staying in, there will be no need for that. If you prefer cleaning after regular business hours, special conditions apply, ask us about them.

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