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We bet that for the most of us dinner is the most pleasant, sometimes almost a ritual meal. The time when you can chat, relax, enjoy home comfort and recharge yourself with good emotions. Unfortunately, it does not go that easy. In the pace of city living there is always time shortage and increasingly often we have to choose food which is not good but fast. That is why we want to give all „Koriai“ new tenets * a one-year dinners subscription, so that you can eat different and balanced meals every evening, enjoying the comfort of a new home.

The subscription includes 12 sets that can be ordered within a year after the purchase of housing. One weekly set consists of 4 dinners for two. Every week you choose (on Mondays) our partners will deliver you recipes and all the ingredients for simple cooking of every time different and special dinner.

You can choose from basic, vegetarian or slimming menus.

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Have a nice meal!

The gift cannot be returned or redeemed for cash.

*Customers who purchase housing in Koriai before December 31, 2018 will receive a dinner subscription as a gift.

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