Roof terrace

Everyone purchasing an apartment in KORIAI will receive
a wonderful gift: a rooftop terrace where the inhabitants and guests
of the house will be able not only to spend time relaxing together, but also to enjoy one of the loveliest vistas of Vilnius.

Cozy evenings

On this modern outfitted terrace with outdoor furniture and a great view, you can relax after a day of work and feel as though this charming Vilnius spot belongs exclusively to you. Bring your friends along and enjoy the cozy vibe. Or do you perhaps want some quality alone time? The terrace provides you with a space to read, exercise, or simply marvel at a breathtaking sunset.

Beautiful city vista

Enjoy this impressive panorama of Vilnius every day! The city roofs are on display, and the architectural sites seem to be at arm’s reach: from the tower of Gediminas to the belfries of the Old City, to the glass-paned business centers. Bring a cup of tea, because once you see the view, you may want to linger!

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