Sell your car, get an apartment

Cars may be highly useful means of transportation, but they come with a range of problems, especially in the winter, when one keeps having to dig them out of the snow or trying to start them with the engine frozen. Not to mention traffic jams and parking woes. KORIAI’s tenants are free from these troubles, close as they are to the city center, where everything is at a walkable distance.

However, if you do need a ride, we have some excellent news: if you purchase an apartment in KORIAI now, we will gift you a Citybee subscription for an entire year! Each month, your Citybee user account will receive 50 euros*.

This means you definitely will not need a personal vehicle. Perhaps it is worth trading it in for a down payment on a flat in KORIAI?
*Each gift coupon will be valid for one month, and the unused funds will not accumulate. The gift cannot be returned or exchanged for money.

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